What do you think is the reason why there is no presence of Indian teams in Dota? All cards were low-profile to accommodate the DMS’ casing and combined to deliver rear S-Video-in and out plus composite left, right, audio and video out connections. Okay, here’s some responses from the young players about playing with LaNm! I can relate to chinese parenting and it must be so hard to take e-sports as full time career and wonder why Indians don’t break into the DOTA scene. View our privacy policy before signing up. As for why exactly no Indian teams have been able to do this, we haven’t been to India and don’t really have experience with the country’s esports scene. The West needs a few skin cells to clone him so that they can get their first decent coach.

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They should not be associated with that in my opinion. But itemization for carry is mostly up to the player.

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I especially appreciate the long time fans from old times. Lately they like tuning into some random Chinese streamers while they wait for a match to start. Keep supporting us, we hope to not let you down! Cty himself reflected later on that it probably wasn’t the best choice that game. I’m pretty sure is real bro. Cty, can you make Sand King a viable core? We’re great friends with ownder lot of fu, including those of NaVi from the documentary, LaNm especially since he is the only current EHOME player that was in the documentary.


A lot of the drafts that surprise the audience were also thought of by us on the spot. I was always a huge fan of the Chinese Dota. Old Chicken usually are usually chicken bred at home. P is that good? Cty’s chinese full name is Chen Tian Yu, so picked up 3 first letters to be Cty. We’ve actually just launched a mini series where we get members of the club and talk to them about relevant topics of the time.

Thanks for taking the time, best of luck for the Shanghai Majors! I’ve really admired the out-of-the-box drafts that you have done throughout your career. From the comfort of your couch and using your TV as a display you can watch, record and pause live TV, listen to the radio, access premium ninemsn and Telstra broadband content, manage your photo and digital music collections ej you chat away on an enhanced MSN Messenger interface or browse the Web – all backed by a one-year, nationwide pickup and return warranty.

You can ask iceiceice though, surely he’ll give a good answer. Lots of Chinese believe old chicken are more nutritious.

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I know the Shanghai field is stacked with all the top teams, but is there any particular matchup you guys are worried about su excited for? Submit a new text post. Many people consider you the strongest team in the East.


As for the team, we would have some discussion about strats. I hope you guys start making the track jackets available!

If you’re interested you can PM me and I can give you specific instructions on how to find one. How do you feel about finally being back as one of the top contender to win a Valve’s tournament? I am right now working hard towards building another dynasty, but I believe there is still a very large difference. Not really a ritual but: If you know where to look, the jackets are actually quite easy to find. You come to the community, I root for you.


Also any games they like to play outside dota in the team house, maybe table tennis or foosball? Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Also is Kaka named after the football player? Which are your favorite locations to travel to for tournaments?

Does this kind of opinion affect you in terms of playing Dota?

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