Despite various sensitivity settings, I had a heck of a time getting used to the concept. Of course, you may not get any work done We would have liked to see a gear shift included as well, but you can’t have everything. That didn’t spoil my enjoyment, however. Virtual Pilot Pro , and the Pro Pedals, double as both flight yoke and steering wheel, so you can fly and drive yourself silly.

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Ch Products Exl-500 Racing System Joysticks Driver Download

Now to show Greg Moore who the real Canadian driving star is. It’s the EXL, and what it may lack in heavy duty construction it makes up for in affordability without sacrificing the fun quotient.

Despite various sensitivity settings, I had a heck of a time getting used to ptoducts concept. With a racing wheel, this means that when you slam into a concrete wall and, let’s face it, you will!

Of course, you may not get any work done Sure, they do the job and give you a good feel for the game or simulation.


We found they did an excellent job at giving a nice feel to the experience, and really enjoyed using them. You won’t miss them.

If you’re not interest in flying – just driving – then CH makes the Racing Wheelanother winner of a controller. EXL comes complete with pedals and a sequential gear shift that’s mounted on the right of the steering wheel console. Pedal feel is quite good. That’s because this piece of two fisted excitement comes with a motion sensor built into it, so when it’s activated you can lean, twist, bob, and weave to your heart’s delight – and the machine passes your body language on to the player you’re controlling.


Ever longed to get a little more “english” out of your game pad? Most racing wheels don’t have much feel at all, or merely build in artificial friction, but this one does. There are also connectors for game port or USB universal serial busboth of which worked fine. Now, let’s try force feedback! It’s a pretty innovative idea, putting to good use the weaving and bobbing to which gamers are prone anyway, and Microsoft has done a good job of pulling, pushing, and bending produvts off.

Microsoft’s Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel isn’t cheap – but it is one heck of a wheel.

It doesn’t have as realistic a feel as the Nascar Pro, but it’s much more realistic than the CH Racing Wheelwhich doesn’t include pedals, either. CH Products makes a full line of neat stuff, from flight yokes and pedals, to joysticks and gamepads.

One thing missing from the Sidewinder produtcs a sequential gearshift, and this is a shame.

Just pretend you’ve sprung for an extra three games. Which makes buying the Wheel easier to rationalize. Besides the sensor which can be turned off, rendering the controller more conventionalyou get six programmable buttons, a pair of triggers and there’s even a throttle vh mounted just out of reach of my thumb.

Both are worth having, and would cost you the better oroducts of a hundred bucks if you bought them separately.

We didn’t think too much of the clamping mechanism, which wasn’t as nice as that of the more expensive Thrustmaster Nascar Pro and which kept getting in the way of the keyboard tray that hangs below our desktop.


We would have liked to see a gear shift included as well, but you can’t have everything. So forget the slams and crashes; just enjoy it for cruising. You don’t get a lot of feedback for instance, when you slam into a wall you’re not jerked the opposite direction like you would be in real lifebut the feel is still pretty good.

Well pdoducts, you may want to try Microsoft’s new SideWinder “Freestyle Pro” Game Pad, a doohickey that not only offers “virtually” unprecedented freedom of movement, but which helps eliminate calluses from your exl5000 suffering fingertips.

The pedals are mounted onto a non-skid pedal base, and while they don’t look as realistic as the Thrustmaster’s, they work better because pressing on them doesn’t cause the base to jump up and bark the back of your thighs.

How about a desire to “tilt” at windmills? Okay, this is an overstatement.


Driving simulations deserve a prlducts wheel; keyboards and joysticks just don’t cut it. Speed freaks who love to live out racing fantasies can add some road rash reality to their virtual experience. EXL has a 7 foot cable, which as usual is just a touch too short. There are also four buttons to use as you see fit, whether for shifting gears, changing views, or other functions.

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