Airtel came 3 months ago and dug up the road one day, laid the cable and put the box the next day. I can open all the websites except dataone. Last edited by SmoothVibes; 7th March at You can contact him here. Charley , Aug 20,

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Please help us improve the quality of laptop servicing, and if you’ve had any bad experiences, now is the time to be heard. Its really nice the inforamtion you all are sharing such valuable information with all of us. I have a waa modem. Can any one point out where i have gone wrong?

Alternative For BSNL Dataone Modem UT300R2U

I am not very good in this stuff, so I could not follow what you mentioned regarding modem “pppoe to bridge. But a Linksys modem cant be configured easily. Daatone Thread to del.

If anybody can shed mode light on what the problem might be, it will be very useful to me. BSNL told me it’s Rs.

How can I prevent this? I want to use this with Airtel, is that possible? Hi i would really appreciate it if you could give me a step by step procdure on how to set up the file sharing option.


Fataone can be easily done with few steps. Balakrishnan Prabhu is the founder of Corpocrat magazine. He is also the founder of Best Citizenships BCassisting wealthy individuals with with global citizenship and residency programs in Europe. Initiate the connection through wireless mode. In bothcases, my laptops show that they are connected to the wireless network, but bsno browse if internet connection is already alive or cannot open the connection in case 2.

I have tried it in two ways 1. Keep up the good work and keep posting such good forums. The wireless network is visible in “My Network Places”. When i keep to assigne ip address automatically in Wan of sunrocket it is not connecting.

Making the BSNL DataOne Wireless home network guide

I spent approx Rs. Modem port Thank you for your suggestion. Wait for a min. I’d liek to connect all this on the lan, Internet is working fine on all the 3 and my ps3 recognises the laptop. Thanks to web site and BSNL.


Alternative For BSNL Dataone Modem UTR2U | Digit Technology Discussion Forum

I even checked accessing the wireless router from my desktop with the follow URL’s after the error: So please can u send full instructions how to set up this setting in Wa a and sunrocket. Results 1 to 60 of It’s the telephone type cable connected dtaone the modem. Last edited by Admin; 12th August at This should dahaone pretty much for modems supplied by bsnl or other third party modems.

I movem a Belkin Wireless router. Plus if you own a nokia phone or ipod that supports wifi then those devices can only access internet though PPPoE mode always on modem. But with netgear the problem is with the default IP address it comez with The BSNL guy who came to install was useless Security in wi fi even after enabling WEP?

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