In md getmac command returned my manually entered MAC. However, even though my debug output says it is outputting packets, there is no network activity indicated by activity LEDs and obviously, I am not actually able to speak with my network. I am curious if it will fail with error or it will read it??? New card, screen goes all colored have to reboot,only with videos Hi all, I had posted in another thread about having BSoD with my new card and its since been fixed. Find More Posts by samuria. I really need this to work on my netbook too. Is there any option to get rid of this issue?

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I will put out a beta when it is ready to test–probably under a new thread.

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I think that because the network card is not installed again after reboot and in the registry is not added a new entry at reboot. Any insight into this would be atherros appreciated!

Ar831 card still appears in device manager with Windows reporting the device status as working properly and the speaker icon still Posted November 1, Any suggestions how to turn off LAN card installation in Win7 if it will be installed at every reboot? DMHolt57 I have tried many different versions of the driver about 5 versionsbut the driver on your link was most recent. I am curious if it will fail with error or it will read it???


Doing this will make no changes to your hard drive. However if you guys that are looking at that BSD driver can compare the differences between that card and the Posted September 27, Posted September 13, The reply is currently minimized Show. Reader02, thanks for posting the link to the L1c linux source!!!

The LAN card was installed automatically using Microsoft driver. Hoping someone can help!!! Did not solved the issue.

Find More Posts by mrjimphelps. Thanks a lot to all for repply. I suppose if it would help, I could put the Xcode project up on a Google Code site if anyone cares to come help point out where my errors are. Or would atherks prefer to not be involved in this driver at all? This would be great if it could be made to work. Are you willing to give any insight if and when I hit snags along the way?

My configuration – Network

Or maybe the difference in behavior between Linux and Windows could be explained by the fact that when you run Linux from the DVD, no files are changed on your hard drive. This is all done macc command line but should be very straight forward if you are new to it. I can not replace it as I know. Ther MAC address readin might be the issue.


Posted September 12, In the registry there was added entry NetworkAddress B The problem mc following: I can make my way through the code fairly well, but I get a bit lost when working with hardware interrupt requests.

Posted August 27, I have contacted the ASUS technical support.

Alternatively, can someone suggest a compatible USB wireless device? Let me know if there is any interest in helping me out with what is left hopefully, it is not too far off.

This is similar to ipconfig in Windows. Graphic Cards Problems with network card after reboot I have a wired problem, every time i’m doing a restart to my computer i see on the network icon next to the clock a yellow triangle that indicate on a problem.

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