Flag this review Irrelevant Fake Junk. If at all the connection stops working, the service desk is quite effective in fixing the connection without any delays. The first three lights of my modem stays on. Contact your ISP and ask about the current status of online light on modem. Add Thread to del. I would heartily recommend the ISP to anyone in Trivandrum – based on my good experiences.

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You may check the 6th step to block websites in Asianet broadband connection. Internet Service Provider, an ISP is a firm that offers Internet access and other web services to its customers or subscribed users.

Can you provide the model number of your cisco modem? Thanks Admin, but we’ve got to try it once that’s the scenario. Vishnu Sethu Madhav If you are trying to reset the account password, I suggest you to contact customer support.

There is a script you can use to connect automatically from your computer and connect again if it disconnects for some reason. Notify me asiahet there is a new review. Flag this review Irrelevant Fake Junk. I would be really grateful, if you could explain me how i can get this thing to work.


The speeds are more or less what they promise. Add Thread to del.

How to set Internet Username & password in Modem. Asianet Broadband ??

The guy who wrote the script has explained everything step by step. There is also option to switch on and off the wifi of your modem. If you get stuck on something I am here to help but please come up dataine specific questions. Dwtaline check the checkbox at show key to display the the password you entered. Even though we make this payment for the modem, it remains a property of the ISP.

In my 3 mbps connection, I get 2. The repair works usually happen during the night time after Kaps, My modem doesn’t have that feature. In case if you are facing issues with accessing any websites in Asianet Internet connection, first place to check for the issue is Parental Control page.

If I post it here it would be copy pasting which I dont like to do. All these years, I have known about them.

Let me know if you are datalins and I can try explaining how to set it up. Oct 30, You may request Asianet broadband customer support to issue a modem with the feature to change signal strength.


Review on Asianet Dataline Cable Internet.

This tutorial tells the steps I have done to fix the Internet connectivity problems I faced with a normal guide about how to manage the Asianet Cable modem hassle free. It did not make much sense for me to pay through the nose for shabby quality routing offered by Asianet.

Although I am having good experiences with this ISP, the situation might not be the same for everyone else. Please verify whether your local cable operator is happy with Asianet. Unlike the other internet service providers in this state, Asianet offers cable-modem based internet. Last edited by Admin; dataoine June at This was a welcome move for me because Reliance Broadband technician had installed an old and used ADSL modem in my home.

The time now is Downtimes are minimal and the support desk people are quite knowledgeable.

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