It also says “Paired No”. Peng Deng d6g wrote on Bluetooth mouse does not re-establish connection after reboot. However, every time I stumble upon this other bug https: The full list of supported devices is below.

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Bluetooth : matériel pris en charge

Bus Device Should this bug be re-open then? Alex Karpenko alexkarpenko wrote on Turn off bluetooth mouse 2. Actually it’s not the setting of “Visible” that brings back the bluetooth connection, but the action of changing from “Hidden” to “Visible” that does the trick for me. Using bluetooth-applet and bluetooth-wizard, I can sucessfully pair my bluetooth mouse Logitech v and it works fine. A weird behavior observed: Togather with ubunru problem of detecting a touchpad on my Dell E, Intrepid is becoming almost unusable: I had been using the blueman applet, so I checked against bluez-gnome, by installing bluez-gnome with synaptic.


Navigate to wherever you downloaded the file to. Or at least please include your bluetooth adapter id with your comment using command: It would appear that the mouse loses ubbuntu connection if left sitting around long enough not sure how long yetor if you power down the mouse and power it back up, or if you reboot.

Bug # “No power info for Bluetooth Logitech Mice” : Bugs : upower package : Ubuntu

While Intrepid reports that it is connected, it behaves as though it is not. Steve, try the following steps: DiscoverDevices The value is ubunut seconds.

Email me about changes to this bug report. Esko Kauppinen esko-kauppinen-y wrote on Mouse was compatible with 2. This entry was posted on June 27, I have a generic bluetooth mouse with same problem. The OS is Intrepid bit. I should add that my Bluetooth Preferences are set to “Hidden”.

Accepted into -proposed, please test and give feedback here. Is it possible to adapt Cedris’s workaround to my case?


As mentioned earlier, the patch for the Broadcom is already in both the Hardy and Intrepid kernel. I just wanted to add a comment here. Yes, i think it works too – i mean mouse reconnects now, just don’t know what fixed it.

The mini loses the connection with the Mouse upon waking from suspend.

Switching visibilty logitedh ‘Always’ on inital device connection made it reconnect on reboot. I have the same problem with Microsoft Intellimouse explorer for bluetooth.

You can also add a reference to this report from your new one. SingerWang singer-singerwang wrote on Networking, Capturing Device Class: I want to correct one part of v40 previous comment: Eugene Gorodinsky e-gorodinsky wrote on Traceback most recent call last:

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