We need some Beta testers with a Matshita SR Enclosed utility will update the drive to the region-free X16E firmware, or if the drive is already running the X16E firmware, it will revert it to the region-locked E firmware. Here is a huge update!! Here are 2 christmas gifts!! This patch do not make the drive RPC-1 but should lock the internal region counter.

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Adding support for Compaq GD drives.

Ltn-4891s drivers download

Patch by Sjwinck – This one is untested!! Kirill Pioneer DVD 1.

The final version should be available in the very next days!! Usually the case on Windows NT and Some drive look like to not have the RPC pins, other have it. I’m proud to announce you XVI is now working on the Toshiba drives. This will help if you installed a wrong driver. Lite on ltn The firmware has been tested and it works great! And this time, you are able to flash a drive shipped originally with the 2. About the guys who copied my site, i prefer now ignore them DVD manufacturers look like to have bad luck with the locked drives, lots of them come back from unhappy customers.


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Thanks to Hamada Naoki for the translation of the original japanese document. The Creative driver is always available on the Creative site. You can find them on the utilities page.

It also is able to revert the drive to the Liteom supported MA26, in case the drive has to be returned. Actually untested as usual. The recommended one actually is the Ptn drive who is fast and region free. Patch by the great XVI!! Hoppefully a backup of the page was made here.

This firmware is very rare. Added a patched RPC-1 firmware 1. Here in France, Pioneer make the modification for Fr. Thanks to Michael Bertovic for the file. There is one more feature in those Version 1.

lite-on ltn 48x firmware for xp Рepotido’s blog

liteoon Please stop sending boring Email about that. Pioneer seems to have protected them. Patch by XVI – a Patched firmware 1. They used the Codebyte patching method to the drive and it works! A new version 1. It is also is able to revert the drive to the Apple supported firmware, in case the drive has to be returned. All Free software here Related Queries: The drive is definitively RPC Thanks to Mr SD-C for the file.

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