What makes this unit stand out is the simplicity of the interface and software. I have my music in my computer, how do I get it on a CD? The software records each track in real time, listening for the silence in between and starting a new track where appropriate. February 6, at 5: Customer Service Why Choose Audiogurus?

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After getting it set up, I pulled out the provided installation disk and USB cable to check out the platensoeler conversion process. The tonearm itself is completely manual, with a single lever for raising and lowering the arm so you can set the stylus down delicately.

In some ways, he has no incentive to change, but he too likes the idea of having access to all of that music in a more flexible format.

I got my first CD player in 7th grade it also had a tape player. I hope you will consider extending your usb-turntable reviews to devices of better hi-fi quality. Sign Up for Discounts. Your email address will not be published.

I have an old school Pioneer, but wanted an extra setup to play with. What this player cannot do and will never do is gloss over all those pops and platenspleer as the needle works through the grooves.


EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter

When I was a kid, records were on their way out. You can also choose to manually determine the split between tracks or let the software do it for you.

Will that be as enjoyable on your headphones while you work out at the gym? The second step provides you with your first look at whether you have everything set up correctly. What makes this unit stand out is the simplicity of the interface and software. Today, he hopes his efforts at Audiogurus will provide enthusiasts and DIYers with reliable and engaging home theater reviews to help them make better purchasing decisions.

June 16, at From my perspective, it depends on the music.

Turntables | Record Player | Vinyl Records

The easy install, step-by-step sequence of the recording process and even the no-frills send-it-to-iTunes approach keeps the process at the lowest common denominator for someone with little interest and know-how in the world of 21st century technology. January 30, at 3: Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

But the player worked great, and it has the required features for enjoying all kinds of records. I was impressed with this auto-split feature, though it has its limitations as it requires silence long enough between tracks for the software to determine where to start a new track.


The Ion Max LP turntable is very simplistic as an audio device, but it also looks good. If not, you can start the process over.

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My uncle never left the grooves in the record. Volume is controlled by a small rotary knob on the front of the unit. It allows them to easily record their favorite records while sitting back and enjoying them platdnspeler at the same time. I have my music in my computer, how do I get it on a CD?

Convert Vinyl and Tapes

It had a turntable, an 8-track, and a tape player. Your Rating Readers Rating votes 0. February 6, at 5: He taught me to play guitar from his Yes Fragile album hence my choice of that record for this review!

The unit plays 78s, 45s it comes with an adaptor for these and 33s. ikn

Placed near the front corners are a pair of 2-inch stereo speakers. January 13, at 5:

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