The posted hint includes links to two files. I’ve been wanting to get into using Thinkpads with libreboot installed. You probably only want to test the hotplug status of the wired Ethernet connection, so the lines should read:. This page is based in large part on many other web pages, message postings, and wiki entries about installing Ubuntu Linux 5. The fix uses a whitelist. ThinkPad T41;internal display, Ultranav, Radeon xorg driver.

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Linux compatibility is so-so. Matthew, would it thinklad possible to work around this in acpi-support, or elsewhere? Made in China vs. Ben Collins ben-collins wrote on BTW, any progress on this yet? I have not tried the latest kernel in breezy, but from what I’ve seen in its changelog, there were no patches applied to fix the issue.

Apparently the radeontool tarball I had was messed up and didn’t have the right version of radeontool so re-download radeontool and try the original instructions as follows it should work: Get a copy of Ubuntu from UbuntuLinux.

Start by exploring this hint posted on UbuntuForums. Is there actually a way to thlnkpad this device to sleep without loading radeonfb module?

Configs – ThinkWiki

Noflushd is a daemon that spins down disks that have not been read from after a certain amount of time, and then prevents disk writes from spinning them back up.


It’s targeted capi laptops but can be used on any computer with IDE disks. I don’t know who exactly to contact, but it seems like this may be something that could be fixed in a BIOS update.

I can’t give you any specific advice on this tweak, because you probably use a different hard disk from mine. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. OK, so we’re getting pretty late in the game for Hoary.

Rescue and Recovery 4. I am using Xorg which comes with FC3. After installing it, open a terminal and run this command. You probably only want to test the hotplug status of the wired Ethernet connection, so the lines should read:. This is handy for X11 configuration if you want to use the synaptics driver and need to know which event device is wired to the touchpad.

The main thing that springs to mind is that some of the devices aren’t being set to D3 correctly – it’s probably worth taking a look at the kernel PCI suspend code, and checking that it actually does this my recollection is that it doesn’t, which probably isn’t the best way of doing it – on the other hand, blindly setting everything to D3 probably won’t help.

OK, sorry I marked it major – I guess since suspend is off by default in Hoary, it is not major.


Ubuntu Linux 5.04 on an IBM ThinkPad T42

To post a comment you must log in. Just as the clockspeed ratio would predict. The touchpad is configured for scrolling only using in “xorg. Start with startx — -layout xineramaLayout. Installing the Lenovo driver fixed that.

This is needed in order to help manage the current bug list for the kernel. Instead, press ” e ” to edit the command sequence, highlight the line that reads ” root hd1,0 “, and change it to read. I’ll see what it does, and if my hunch is correct I’ll generate a patch. Could the Radeon card be forced into D2 sleep like in thinopad kernel patch?

This driver has DRI. We need this to automatically load modules, like sound and wireless. In the terminal, enter this line:. I found that the power controls did not work properly when I first set this up; the CPU was not throttled down as it was supposed to be when I unplugged from AC power. I do not know if there is a Vista version out for the T

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