Thanks for your reply. Of course, if the ground wire was missing with the VFD, then that alone is an excellent reason for reading a voltage. Change the decel parameter to longer time, or stop the DC injection braking if there’s a parameter. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. The other feature you might consider is the additional driving transistor for an external braking resistor.

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GS2 Series AC Micro Drives

Sounds like to me hes shutting it off with the ts2 switch. Essentially the drive can’t “sink” that much power and it overloads. On the potentiometer itself? The pot is built into the drive itself. A sensorless vector VFD has a I’m hoping to have my Nichols http: It’s still relatively new, and you may have questions, so an introduction is in order.

Variable speed frequency and remote-mount control capable. Power side of the VFD – input power from circuit panel, output direct wired to motor. It’s now driving the cnc bench lathe that I built and is under full computer control.

If you have a drive with an extra IGBT for a braking resistor, you can just attach that to the appropriate terminals. The drive is an Automation Direct GS2. Im lost when it comes to that. There’s several ways to do it, the manual that came with the VFD should show you how it’s done. ga2


My reasoning to get this 6 pole? Mill, VFD setup I recently purchased a new mill. Then gz2 can put the VFD safely in an enclosure or the base of the machine or something.

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You will need to apply this advice to your machine and VFD. Would it have constant power, or only when the drive is in run? I leave it in forward on g2 machine and just use the drive.

However, just for sanity sake I checked the frame of the drill press when it was running to ground and found that the machine frame was at 50v AC!

Since there’s no encoder on the motor, the VFD senses changes in the load circuit to guesstimate the amount of slip and make changes in the VFD output with a PID loop to improve speed or torque control. I havent used the machine switch since Automation told me it could damage the drive.

I use a “heavy gz2 three way switch from radio shack, which ran me closer to 8 bucks.

Vernon Tuck liked this post. The other feature you might consider is the additional driving transistor for gs external braking resistor. You can get the same torque with a RPM 2 pole motor by ratio’ing the drive pulleys, but the 6 pole or 4 pole motors give you more flexibility in over-speeding the motor. Often that is left out, and the high vs2 coupled into the motor due to the VFD switching has to get to ground somewhere, so it has to go the “long way” with lots of voltage drops, which maybe you measure.


Enough inputs for speed control pot, forward, reverse, jog, and emergency stop switches.

Automation direct VFD GS2 on Southbend lathe question. | Sniper’s Hide Forum

Completely gone after I took off VFD and put contactor back on. With respect to how catastrophic downstream switching of a VFD might be you might want to see http: We do not guarantee or warrant the products described on this website or any document or other printed matter are suitable for your particular application, nor do we assume any responsibility for your product design, selection of product, installation or gz2.

Well I had one of those moments when I thought, “I know what is wrong with the VFD” and ran down to the shop barefoot like a dummy floor is concrete. Let me know any other thoughts you may have. Read it 3x over and over. The only thing Vfdd can suggest other than that is an error inputting the decel, or another parameter that is in some way over-riding the decel. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.

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