Then try to connect again like you did previously. Treo Cingular user please download the latest refreshed build of version 3. A “Palm Device” should show up on the list. Reboot your computer and soft reset the phone, then perform a HotSync once over the USB connection and make sure that is successful. To unlock PdaNet after you receive the registration code might also be called serial number or license code in the email , click on the PdaNet icon in the tray area on Windows click here if you don’t know where the tray icon goes to bring up the popup menu and select “Register”, copy your email address or name if that was what came in your receipt for older version of the software and registration code from the order receipt email has to be exactly as is including spaces to unlock the full version of PdaNet. This is because the Network Interface create by PdaNet is not added on Mac automatically for some reason. This could also happen if your uninstallation failed to clean up the modem driver for some reason.

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If you do not receive your registration email in the above amount of time, please let us knowthe spam filter of your email server might be blocking emails from our address!

You might need to soft reset the Treo also.

can’t install pda net – Motorola Droid | Android Forums

Once verify this works, you can save the user name and password of this dialup entry and change the properties to not prompt it again. How do I upgrade? You can re-enable LAN connections later on, you probably only need to do that once. Then try to connect again like you did previously. PdaNet will try to reconnect when this happens.


God, this PDANet PC install is so aggravating 🙁

This indicates you have previously installed another “Android related software” on your computer which put an always-running “adb. For some services such as T-Mobile, try to select a different broafband profile from the drop-down list before hitting the connect button. Also make sure you have subscribed to a data plan on the phone.

We have not tested our software with any VPNs and there are many versions of them so we cann’t say for sure.

You need to make sure of the following things: Enter the values from step 1 and continue. Why some images seem blurry on the web page when browsed through PdaNet? PdaNet still make exclusive use of the phone and USB hardware when running in the background, that means you will get error when using applications that need access to these resources, such as the phone dial pad or HotSync, even PdaReach.

I am getting error when connecting with Bluetooth.

If rebooting the PC does not help, one of the most popular causes is a bug in Windows XP system, this will apply to your case if: You will receive an order confirmation email broadbnd 20 minutes if your purchase directly from our website. Right click on it and select “Uninstall”.


If you still cann’t make it work, try to send us a screen shot so that we could find out the problem for you. Do you accept Purchase Order?

You can verify instal, by opening Device Manager on the computer and see if the “ADB Interface” device is no afil listed. Some users reported that it had been working for them but some failed to make it work.

And you can even do charging at the same time if you own a charge USB cable. It will ask you to HotSync during the installation process so that PdaNet. How do I setup PdaNet over Bluetooth? Downloading the older build of PDANet as well, just for kicks. Download PdaNet Or, if you are rooted try this instead. Do you already have an account?

Please check your phone and make sure PdaNet usb tether has been turned on. I got dialup error: Intel Monitor s Displays: That is, you can use one PDA to connect to as many computers as you want.

Unable to find device “PdaNet modem” on you machine, Faip not installed properly. If this is the case, follow instructions on http:

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