Note that if the application uses the SmartSet Reset command ‘Rx’ where x is the type of reset required , CTS should be monitored by the host to detect the completion of the reset. The only thing was once the deb that came with the liveCD was to add in along with the code I added into Xorg. Use only Elo supplied or approved cabling for best operation and to insure full regulatory agency compliance. May 15th, 1. Between you and your helper it looks like you’ve got it covered.

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Suspect an invalid command sequence from the 250s. Gaming by Lori Grunin Dec 13, The mounting dimensions for the S controller are shown in Figure The following information gives you the controllers’ mounting dimensions, the touchscreen connections, the power connections and requirements, and the output connections.

Can I see your touchscreen. Lenovo has found people buy its Qualcomm-powered always-connected PCs more for their long battery life than the fact they’re always connected.

Elo IntelliTouch 2500S Serial Controller – touch screen controller

Supply voltage negative tied to pin 2. May 16th, 2. The LED will also stay lit without a touch if the touchscreen or cabling is disconnected or not functioning.


May 20th, 7.

Hi Dave, You are correct and a. Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 5, Hi dglnz, So are you using the elo or evtouch driver? The female connector on the cable mates with the controller’s 1×5 eelo connection at P3 see Figure For more information on transient protection, see the AccuTouch Product Manual.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Most Elo drivers require two-way communication and all four handshaking lines. Between you and your helper it looks like you’ve got it covered. So here they are, each one has it’s a from noting the path and filename.

Great features and good sound, but fills a narrow niche Great features and good sound, but fills a narrow niche by Ty Pendlebury. Think the “fix so far was with the compiling from source the touch screen driver files. Will try this on the PC.

Elo Touch Screen Peripherals, Elo Touch Computer Accessories

The shell of this connector should be tied to chassis ground. Transient protection is required in all installations where it is possible to turn the display on or off while the 250s is disconnected from the controller. When the touchscreen is touched, the LED should light continuously, then return to the normal flash rate.


The DuraTouch touchscreen typically has a short flexible cable with a 1×4 female connector.

TV and Movies by Joan E. It 25500s configured so a ribbon cable and commonly available insulation displacement connectors IDCs may be used. The controller should seat fully and the access bracket should mate with the frame of the computer. May 19th, 5. Is it due to the transition from xorg.

Elo driver software typically requires two-way communication unless specifically disabledand all four handshaking lines. The E controller has one yellow diagnostic LED. You eli provide a suitable power supply and cabling, or Elo can provide them. I created an elo.

Some drivers may also be configured to allow simple one-way communication without needing any handshaking lines. DSR is asserted when power is applied to the controller and CTS is asserted when the controller’s power-on sequence is complete.

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