The transmitter then sends the power usage information to the display receiver where it is shown. It can also display the cost and the amount of Co2 needed to produce the electricity. Joe, Thanks a lot I’ll aprecciate if you can send me the ucontroller data sheet. Copyright Energy Monitors Direct. Luckily I found your website and you gave me a new hope on cracking it. But if you think it is useful I can post it on my blog. I believe but have not verified that this is the datasheet of the MCU used in the transmitter unit of the Efergy Elite:

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Maybe a square wave generated using a Eefrgy might be a good approximation. It can also display the cost and the amount of Co2 needed to produce the electricity.

Efergy E2 Classic with USB XL Electricity Monitor & Software – Smart Green Shop

Alex, Thanks for the feedback. To get an ADC vs current graph I was thinking of rigging something using a car battery and some high power resistors to go from 0 to 13A with low voltages. That way you could send lots of test data and see how the device converts the input values to what is printed on the screen.

You can see the results of turning appliances and lights off through the large display and it gives you feedback about the savings you are making.

The monitor receives the data and displays the demand in kilowatts of energy being consumed at any given time. It seems like the emitter is cut off and generates some noise before being put to sleep.


What I’ve been able to assume is that: How do you rate this product? Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s “minimum advertised price. I think a lookup table is unlikely. Condition New Manufacturer Part No. The monitor receives data wirelessly from the transmitter and displays your instant energy demand in either kilowatts, cost or by carbon footprint. Fortunately the power supply eliminated the need for one type.

Checksum arithmetical sum of bytes 4 – The hourly data for the previous eight months is stored in the internal memory and can be viewed on the display. The e2 classic may be programmed for various rates, ensuring that the cost of your energy is accurate.

Condition New Manufacturer Part No. A lead from the sensor is plugged into the energy transmitter, which then wirelessly sends real time data to the energy uusb. I have had no problem with signal strength and my transmitter is mounted inside a metal “switch box” I us in Portugal and have a three phase supply and even so I can carry the monitor around my quite large garden and see how certain outside devices affect the power being taken.

I would clearly suggest that because finding the function that follows the shape of some plotted values is nearly impossible it’s zig-zagged based on the graph.

If you are really stuck, you can email us and we will do our best to help. Advanced Search Search Tips. The software for logging the figures on to a PC, or in my case an iMac, gives a good clear display with clear menus and it is very easy to switch from one unit power; cost; Day; Week, etc.


Buy in bulk and save. Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s “minimum advertised price. The e2 classic memory function allows you to view your energy efetgy by the day, week or month.

Efergy E2 Classic with USB Electricity Monitor & Software

usn I was thinking of using the Efergy’s alarm function when used as a PV monitor to produce a control voltage to switch an appliance on. Hello, May I suggest they are using a lookup table?

I’m not sure where the official home page is I’ll find out for youbut this is one of the links usn the source: Unfortunately it is only hourly aggregates there. This is the start signal of a meaningful packet and the real information I believe it’s the next following bytes. Least significant 8 bits of sensor input B middle.

Efergy e2 Classic Three Phase Wireless Energy Monitor with USB – Smart Green Shop

Efergy Elite Wireless Electricity Monitor. Agree the digital solution would be much neater are more controllable 1kw steps are the accessible alarm settings! All I want to do here is efefgy real time at least several samples per minute power use into a computer system.

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