I said the phone connector not the USB connector. Thanks for the great guide. In the above picture I didn’t have an extra 10 pin header plug lying around but I did have a bunch of old IDE cables so I just took a pair of side cutters and cut off the last 10 pins to make a 10 pin header. Servet says Cool, glad if it helps. Sounds like a fun soldering challenge as well: The rest of this page describes how to connect up your internal serial port.

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Press several keys on the keyboard. I got mine from a local store.

Email required Address never made seiral. With the board still screwed in, and the serial header at the bottom, the holes from left to right are:.

Nokia pop-port LIKE-DKU-5 or CA-42 cable schematic pinout

GND Only 3 wires are needed for the console cable. Diy serial Cable with cheap phone cables Says:.

Came in through hackaday. Don’t poke too much bare copper through the holes, or you’ll touch the grounded steel dku-55 the chassis and cause a short-circuit once the device is powered on, 3 mm of bare copper seemed to be enough. That having been said, you can then connect to any LS Pro without invalidating your warranty The rest of this page describes how to connect up your internal serial port.


Please post back with your results. That is a very good tutorial! A bunch of weird solder jumpering tx and gnd were solder jumpered…rst and vcc were blobbed together I think…some other stuff. See any kernel panics.

On the toolbar click the up arrow Opengo to Digital, and choose Blink. The 1k resistor on the Rx pin is for limiting the current through the input protection diode if the Tx line exceeds 5V. It is easily removed by wedging a spudger I used a guitar pick into the seam and gently working the two pieces seria.

You should notice a new ttyUSB is added after you connect the cable. Sounds like a fun soldering challenge as well: Try it and see. Arthur Vicente Ribacki Says:.

Nokia pop-port LIKE-DKU-5 or CA cable schematic pinout and wiring @

If the cable isn’t a tight fit, you should secure it to something inside the Linkstation at a later point e. It’s phone end has 6pins and the other end is the USB. Jonathan Thomson submitted this useful article about converting a low cost cell phone USB cable into and easy and cheap way to connect to an Arduino microcontroller. Take another look at the schematic. July 27,5: Unplug the USB cable. So csble sounds like you already have 5V brought out to the end of your cable.


It is especially suitable for multimedia devices that use a lot of battery power when downloading large data files. Blogroll Acemi Caylak Alpha. Several companies produce clones of the CA and DKU-5 cables, unless you are very confident you know them already, it’s necessary to determine which colour of wire cxble the cable maps to which signal assignment.

Repeat the previous steps for the pin 7 wire RxD. D, and it can only be programmed once. Studying a picture on your computer beats the hell out of using the magnifer on a Helping Hands. If you don’t want your Cabpe serial adaptor to be permanently connected, then a solder-on pin header is also a possibility, but it does have the disadvantage of requiring more parts, taking longer to construct, but still invalidating your warranty.

However, I can almost guarantee your colors will be different so you must perform the steps described above.

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