I should have listened to others and gone with the EMU in the first place. If I could go back in time, I probably should have gotten the Delta instead, because the type of recording I do usually requires more tracks at a time than a mere four. The rack, the jacks – For what purpose? Any fawn, I do not need. None of these methods are working.

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Yes, for applications such as instant messaging or VoIP softphone msn, skype etc. I have not seen since mid up day – What software do you use most often?

M-Audio Delta 44 PCI Sound Card B&H Photo Video

So now I plug either a microphone positioned in front of my guitar amp or my guitar directly, and then always a microphone for voice, harmonica or percussion. Yes- M-Audio have released drivers for Windows 8. J Logic uses audio with 2 inputs for the stereo, with the frequency I want, and that’s the best!

I use it with Logic Audio. Chris- glad to hear your research paid off! No manual or existing doc even on the manufacturer’s website!


I can still use the card using inputs but it will no allow me to play and audio files. The power supply died in ‘ I decided at that time to upgrade to a firewire interface with more inputs and bought the presonus firepod in ‘ See the screenshot here.

Uninstalled and got audio back out of the built in mobo soundcard. If it did, please let me know in the comments below! Is everything in your setup properly grounded?

Sonar doesnt recognize Delta when running ASIO | Cakewalk Forums

When I bought it I had no guitar amp and suddenly I could only connect my guitar on the pc and use an amp simulator. Not yet been tested Did M-Audio release crappy software? I no longer need to crawl under the desk to plug something in. I started in the computer music in OK, but it has its mouth in my living room above my old amp Scott 70 years and scratched it’s a joke, for against a vocal microphone, c ‘ is selta the top Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

The problem is that after a ten minute live latency becomes longer! I honestly don’t miss it at all, since I sold my DAT recorder years ago. I use this card for personal records.


The Trick To Getting The M-Audio Delta 44 Working With Windows 7

This will be the last M-Audio product that I purchase. Sort by most recent most useful. It is the defacto standard soundcard for the purpose.

Do you know how I can get the Control Panel up for Delta 44? It’s a huge difference compared to internal sound cards.

I guess I spoke too soon about Win 10 working. I could record anything, it’s not funny to play with lots of lag!

Sonar doesnt recognize Delta-44 when running ASIO

Trs good, well cushioned The good folks at M Audio inmusicbrands. Dennis, try right-clicking on the volume control speaker icon in your system tray next to the clock, bottom left. We did not use outputs.

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