According to Dell, the standard equipment does not include DDR3 modules, because they still cost much and the availability is still limited while the performance gain of the new chips is rather small. The keyboard layout groups the function keys alike Thinkpad models already do for a long time. On the top side we measured a maximum temperature of Another advantage of the Precision M is its rather good battery life , which can already achieved with the standard 6 cell battery. To summarise, the Dell Precision M left a solid picture , and can especially be recommended for professional CAD and visualization users who also demand a very mobile notebook.

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Also concerning connectivity the Dell Precision M and the Latitude E are virtually identical. Because of its weight of gramme it is still to some degree possible to use this notebook in a mobile way without problems.

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Contact Us chat, email, support. Does it work on an external display if you physically disconnect the internal display? Where the display is concerned, Dell offers a number of options specific to the requirements of the M’s target group.

In the realtime strategy game, Supreme Commander – Forged Alliancethe Dell M achieved an average frame rate of frames per secondon a resolution of x pixels and medium graphic mmonitor level in a multiplayer monltor 3 vs.

Its magnesium case can convince hardly any point of critique. The same is true for the PC Mark benchmark mm4400. Furthermore, it is also possible to enhance the warranty to up to five years ProSupport surcharge: Enter Your Dell Service Tag.


Furthermore, the noise level falls relatively quickly back to the quiet idle state once the task is completed. We are a leading supplier of Dell replacement parts and stock all laptop repair parts needed to repair your Dell laptop.

Dell Precision Mobile WorkStations Precision M Replacement Parts | Dell

Your Dell Service Tag is 7 m440 long and is located on the bottom of your laptop. Otherwise, you are indeed probably facing a motherboard issue. M44400 terms of peripheral connectivity the M is also identical to its colleagues of the Latitude series. According to Dell up to two external 30 inch displays with a maximum resolution of x pixels are supported by the Dell Precision M The built-in loudspeakers should be the same than in the Dell Latitude E Where is my Dell service tag located?

Nevertheless, a bit operating system is recommendable respectively necessary from GBs RAM capacity upwards. Furthermore, an 56k modem is optionally available.

There is no doubt hat using the Dell Precision as gaming notebook is luxury, but it is possible in theory, because this notebook comes with a powerful graphics cardwhich reaches the same performance level than a Geforce M GT. Mnitor optimisation gets, e. The SolidWorks delll are rigorously tested. A striking part of the Dell Precision M is surely the curled display lid made of magnesium with silver finish.


Donp1Cell 13, Since then, I’ve rebooted several times, removed and re-installed the hard drive, held the power button down several times, left it unplugged for 10 mins at a time, and I’m no longer getting the double-beep, and no longer getting anything at all on the external monitor.

Also the Precision M optionally comes with a keyboard lightingwhich is helpful in dim environments. That is except of the type designation left above the keyboard. In total 4 USB 2. For these purposes one might probably also consider the XPS series, but, this is primarily designed for gaming.

M4400 – display problem ??

Due to the used materials the M also scores points in terms of weight, A black value of 0. Please share our article, every link counts! So, it offers two high-resolution WUXGA panels with maximum overview and workspaceone with special RGB-LED technology for best colour depiction, the other utilizes the dual lamp technology with special high brightness and matte surface monittor order always guarantee a legible display especially in outdoor operation. So, you might make mistakes in the beginning, especially with the left thumb.

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