The installation program displays the registered driver information. In the Rows to Scan text box, type the number of rows that should be scanned for the driver to determine the data types in the file. If you select Character in the Table Type drop-down list in Step f, specify the character in the Delimiter Character text box. Was this article helpful? If your connection fails, check the following for accuracy:

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The installation process may take several minutes.

The Text Driver

For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: If the first line of text in the file contains the column names, select the Column Datadircet in the First Line check box. When the directory name contains spaces, the argument value must be quoted.

NET or ODBC data provider, but these providers usually require downloading, installing and setting up a 3rd party driver on the client’s machine, odb makes the setup unnecessarily complicated.

In the Database Directory text box, type the path to the folder where the flat files are located. Since the tool needs access to the Windows Registry, the CLI executable must be started from a user account that has the necessary permissions.


Powerful Flat Files ODBC driver

Name to associate with the registration. If you select Character in the Table Type drop-down list in Step f, specify the character in the Delimiter Character text box.

Determines which drivers will be installed or uninstalled. Powered by Progress Sitefinity. When in uninstall mode, this key will not be respected and can be omitted, because the target path will be extracted from the registry entries.

If your text files are character-separated, type the character that is used as a delimiter in the Delimiter Character text box. The installer comes with bit x86 and bit x64 versions of DataDirect ODBC drivers and this key determines which set will be installed. Enter your licensing information: It is useful in scenarios where the console output is monitored to determine if the process completed successfully.

Codeless Implementation Optimize performance and compatibility with any application without application changes. You have chosen the Greenplum Wire Protocol driver.

DataDirect ODBC Drivers for Pivotal Greenplum | Pivotal Greenplum Docs

Select Done to complete installing the driver package. The DataDirect drivers are recognized datadirech a market leading product, providing high performance and rich data sources coverage.

In the Action for Undefined Tables group, choose one of the following actions that the driver should take when it encounters a file that has not been defined. Datadirext you specified in Step 11f that your text files were fixed-length or stream type, click the Parse button to display the Parse Table dialog box, where you define the table column names.


Not finding the help you need? Community Forums Blogs Feedback Portal. Telerik Reporting Navigate to See Integration Services Limits and Guidelines for a complete listing of the unsupported characters.

Getting Started Install Now Demos. The default is 25 rows. datadirext

Press Y to confirm your operating system. In the Data Source Name text box, type a name for the flat file data source.

Enter YES to accept the above agreement: Greenplum Wire Protocol Enter the user name: Enter the required registration information at each prompt: Note the appropriate serial number and license key use the same number for both the serial number and license key during the installation: The following table lists the available arguments to be passed to the CLI tool. Change to the installation directory for your driver.

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