Unlike simulations like Gran Turismo, this is pick-up-and-play gaming. That low rumbling sound that’s vibrating through your lounge room and echoing into your very bones? Grid Grid 2 Grid Autosport. An online mode and local fan base ensures that there will always be low-ping human opponents available when you need a new challenge. Archived from the original on 7 March The cut-scenes in this mode look sensational, but the story is nowhere near as engaging as the last outing, which is a big disappointment. It included the greatest depth of V8 Supercars content of all of the games released.

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The graphics are also improved, with better trackside detail, and accurately-mapped copies of the real-world circuits like Bathurst feeling altogether more convincing than before. Archived from the original on 15 March The game took a new direction, reincluding the BTCC series that the previous game had been missing but most importantly, a plot leading to the game being labelled as a “Car-PG” where the user took on the role of a fictional race driver called Ryan McKane, trying to make a name for himself in a multitude of car championships, all the while under the shadow of his more successful older brother and haunted by codekasters death of his codemaaters on the racetrack as witnessed by Ryan as a child.


PC 84 [23] Xbox 84 [24] PS2 82 [25]. Grid Grid 2 Grid Autosport.

A-Specthe first time an Australian car had been included in the series. TOCA games are always very playable but also ruthlessly accurate. Retrieved 21 January Views Read Edit View history.

It asks you to win whole championships across every single discipline, a seriously long-term objective. But Codemasters is skilled enough to deliver a depth that will find veteran players continuing to shave seconds off their lap times months down the track.

Supercars Championship in video games – Wikipedia

Retrieved 10 September Share on Whatsapp whatsapp. There have been numerous video games which have included the drivers, teams, cars and circuits from the Supercars Championshipthe leading touring car category in Australia.

Forza Motorsport 7 featured a range of Supercars dating from to Archived from the original on 17 September But it’s not good news for everyone. View our privacy policy before signing up. From breaking news to debate and conversation, we bring you the news as it happens. Retrieved 16 August The game codemsaters multiple camera angles with which to race and supported the use of a force-feedback racing wheel.

V8 Supercars 3

The physics model of the game was created with suprecars from Dick and Steven Johnson. While the many additions and enhancements make this a no-brainer for V8 fans, the game is not quite all that it could be.


Trending on NZ Herald. Game Stock Car Extreme.

Several of these games only feature a limited selection of V8 Supercars rather than the entire field of cars and tracks. The best and the worst from day four of the second test between NZand Sri Lanka.

v8 supercar game

Codemasters have created the character Ryan McKane, a rookie driver who witnesses the pre-rendered crash and fiery death of his race driver dad during the codemastsrs opening sequence.

Share on Pinterest pinterest. This series is the only racing simulator that allows PlayStation players codemasterrs race online before Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. It has finer controls and greater variation than any other title in the genre.

PlayStationGame Boy Advance. The game featured 21 cars and seven tracks from the Shell Championship Series. Chris Stead PC World.

Retrieved 26 October Retrieved 2 August The gameplay overall became more “arcadey” and the replacement of qualifying laps f8 random grid positions together with the omission of penalties for bad driving made the game much more playable for the casual gamer.

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