SCardTransmit Card not transacted: The method calls the ISCardContext. What are the “two options” you are referring to? The package in RHEL7 works seamlessly. See attached patch from CentOS, which should resolve this problem [1].

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ISCardMonitor Interface

Remarks Documentation for this section has not yet been entered. See attached patch from CentOS, which should resolve this problem [1].

This event appears only once for each reader after calling SCardMonitor. Out pccsc the curiosity I just tried to build pcsc-lite-ccid package from RHEL7 sources but I am getting the same failures, so most probably this will depend on some change in other package. Any more ideas what I can try? Non-gemalto cards should work this way for future reference. MonitorException An error occurred.

– Documentation

Comment 6 Jakub Jelen Please refer to your Mac OS X system documentation for more detailed information on the Mac OS X system startup and how it can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.


This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Windows 7 SP1 32bit and 64bit Windows 8. SCardTransmit Card not transacted: Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge Seite bearbeiten. Looking into the code further, I noticed missing chunk removed in The number of readers that currently being monitored. SCardTransmit UnrefReader count was: Start readerNames ; Do not forget to register for at least one event: Now as I am looking into the patch I was working with, I noticed I missed some of the chunks that did not apply properly.

Read access to the log files should only be granted to authorized users since the log files may contain sensitive information decryption results, PIN values, Attachments Terms of Use proposed patch resolving the issue 4.

OmniKey CardMan & OpenPGP card anyone?

If you have different knowhow about smartcard readers listed in this article, please do not hesitate to let us know. The method calls the ISCardContext. I’m pretty sure that patch is in RHEL IntPtr Returns the current pxsc of a reader that is currently being monitored. The card readers in the list are tested by software supported by op.


OpenSC detects the maximal supported length of driver as or sowhich does not fit. If docs needed, set a value. Member Details Cancel Method Cancels the monitoring of all readers that are currently being monitored. You should not use the USB connector of your Apple keyboard to connect a smart card reader.

cradman This will end the monitoring. Comment 1 Jakub Jelen Syntax public void Cancel. How can we improve the article and be more helpful?

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