Perhaps the Canon shutter window is fractionally larger? They’re well known for their full range of cameras and lenses, in both the film and digital worlds, and also produce a range of other products including printers, scanners, and office equipment. It’s more than adequate to capture the detail in my images going back to the ‘s. The film adapter generally worked well, but we did find that we had a bit of trouble with film that was badly curled lengthwise. This suggests that either scanning is always done at 42 bit, or that scan time is limited by the scanning itself, not by the data transfer rate.

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Get greater control of business documentation. You don’t need dpi to scan for the web, but it’s very useful if you’re making large prints.

Canon Canoscan FS scanner review – FSus – Bob Atkins Photography

This image was shot on Sensia film. I’ll update this page in a few weeks. I started to answer, but the answer grew into what would have been a annexation of the original post, so I decided to do a new post, instead.

You could generally get back most of the sharpness by careful application of unsharp masking in an image editing program, but there was always at cwnoscan some loss of detail, no matter what you did. Javascript is disabled in this browser.

CanoScan FS4000US

Of course, that may just reflect the true resolution of the FSfor that matter. Register a Canon product or view service info. Standard, Hi-Vision, and Panoramic. As I indicated in Understanding image sharpness, Part 2an appropriate amount of sharpening unsharp masking always improves image quality; that’s why we compare sharpened dpi and dpi images.

While many manufacturers offer APS adapters for their scanners, it’s often nearly impossible to find them at retail, requiring that they be ordered direct from the manufacture. FARE also has enhancement capabilities that we didn’t experiment with much.


Without this play, I suppose it is possible that film manufactured just slightly wider than fd would be bowed in the holder. For certain products, a driver is necessary to enable the connection between your product and a computer.

Real World Example While the difference between the dpi and dpi scans isn’t “night and day”, the dpi scan clearly resolves more detail. I may wait for a new version for Windows, perhaps 1.

But it’s not dramatically sharper than a 13 x 19 inch print from the dpi scan, which is surprisingly good, perhaps due to excellent software. The images below have 4000ys sharpened using unsharp mask with a threshold and adjusted for color and tones I didn’t try to match them exactly.

Help Menu The Help menu accesses an information screen reporting specifics about the FSUS’s software version and copyright information. Most monitors have gamma values between 1. This brings to light an advantage that it has over the current Plustek range – the film magazine is fed through the scanner automatically, sf the Plustek scanners which have to have the magazine manually moved between frames. About as sharp as the sharpened dpi image, as predicted. I do occasionally use the IR in VueScan for non-Kodachrome, but if you really clean well before scanning which I cqnoscan didn’t bother much with hereI still feel manually “spotting” as it was called in film days is better.

June, Film Handling Like most film scanners we’ve tested, the CanoScan FSUS uses sturdy plastic slide and filmstrip holders to carry the film through the scanner. InstantExchange warranty service is subject to the availability of refurbished or new replacement units. Help me choose Help me canlscan.

Canon CanoScan FS4000US

Is there anyone on this list that have an FS? Despite it’s “prosumer” positioning, it actually has the distinction of having the highest resolution we’ve yet seen in a film scanner at any price point, and its optics appear to be superior to anything we’ve seen in any competing unit High Points Color or black and white 35mm negatives and positives, APS with optional adapter dpi maximum input resolution 14 bits per channel digitization accuracy Very effective Infrared-based dust removal technology Dual USB and SCSI interfaces for fast, easy interface to most computers Long-life cold cathode fluorescent light source Ships with Photoshop LE and CanoScan acquire plug-in for both Mac and Windows The Basics The CanoScan FSUS is a typical size for a desktop film scanner, although its elongated shape means it’s difficult to make our standard comparison to a thick book standing on its spine.


I have to admit, it looks pretty good. It turns the mouse cursor into a crosshair for drawing the crop area. What I see is a bit of play in the width dimension of the holder, so it is possible to lose that fraction of a millimeter either to the top or bottom of the film strip, unless I position the film just so. The unsharp mask is on as well. Opening a return case without at least giving us the opportunity to resolve out any issue with her buyer, hurts us sellers.

This is a remarkably capable film scanner at a very aggressive price point that’s surely going to cause the competition to sit up and notice. Remaining color options are bit color, bit grayscale, 8-bit grayscale, and black and white. Here is the CanoScan FS scanned at ppi – reduced for display:

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