It can be upgraded on a PC. Test 1 Track Available at DVDutils see link page. These pages are only for advanced users. RPC-1 with firmware The vibration was quite noticeable even at the speed reduced.

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To be installed correctly, a drive region code must be selected before using the patched XA18 firmware. Sync error at A vague value of the RAW reading parameter means probably the same.

Fom 3Digests Video cards: RPC-2 with firmware 2. After the flash the the drive will be reported as Matshita SR RPC-1 with firmware Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Bad flashing could destroy your drive svd. It is always set to master, ignoring the jumper setting, and will cause a conflict if it is installed as slave. Test 2 Track Written by Dag Lem.


Digital Audio Extraction

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: To be flashed correctly the drive must be connected on the secondary IDE Port with the drive set as Master. Test 3 Track To be installed correctly, a drive region code must be selected before using the patched 5X29 firmware.

Dom make the drive region free, make a look on the Samsung SD part.

You can find other patched firmware on Etna page. But it is RPC Vibration As we have already ddv, the drive is equipped with the DDS system. Once flashed, the drive will be detected as a Matshita SR Test 1 Track A Windows RPC-1 utility is available.

It is not for the use of the drive in a PC. Patch by zifnab RPC Reading of discs of 8 and 12 cm in diameter Data buffer: Make sure your drive is set to a region before upgrading to the 3X14 firmware. RPC-2 with firmware 1. In some case you need a hack aolen reset the software region code.


You can find more infos on Etna page. The data were read after an apoen 2-hour operation: If you update or already have the firmware 41, which you have to anyway cause of it’s reading problem with firmware Patched RPC-1 firmware 1.

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These pages are only for advanced users. Pulsing sound through the speakers and slow explorer when opened without disk in the DVD-drive. A new version RPC-1 is available. The lastest Patched RPC-1 firmware is 2.

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