In retrospect, I should have probably just done an internal Adaptec raid config as my other ML servers. Refer to customer advisory c at http: InitializeAll No No Indicates whether to initialize all the drives connected to the controller. Example The following example shows a typical display resulting from a verify operation. Creating the Driver Disk Note: Before proceeding, back up any data.

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It also configures Channel 0 and saves a log of the operation in the log file C: For mapping, see below. The commands appear alphabetically. Be sure to use the full path when viewing this location. Losing zdaptec lot 22410sa time on this The directors decided now that they want Raid 1 on the server. The Type column indicates a volume set. Browsing the CD If your installation process requires you to directly access files on the Adaptec installation CD, you can save time by limiting your browsing to the following files and folders, available at the root level: You may also add one or both of the optional switches listed in the table.


Adaptec Aar-2410sa/64 SATA RAID Controller Card Pci-x

I have found that if I go back into the Raid config, and then rebuild the array, it seems to carry on from where it left off. I do not want to use software raid if Sdaptec can use the hardware way without too much effort. Not automatically assigned when you create an array. The available drivers are displayed.

We have had the same problem with our four ML G3 servers. Example The following example shows a typical display resulting from adaptev verify operation.


A drive shaded in light blue is not part of any disk group. When I made my disk the drivers were a seperate download but its all in one now so it should still contain the drivers you need.

Thanks a lot for this feedback Steve!! If the installation CD does not start automatically, you may need to enter system Setup and enable booting from the CD. Displaying the devices adds a few seconds to the overall POST time. Before proceeding, back up any data.

I just changed the watchdog timeout to I think the default is 10and it all went through fine for me. To upgrade controllers 0, 2, and 3 for example, type: See also hard disk, hard drive.


The CD presents xdaptec following options: Once full, old events are flushed as new events are stored.

The controller generates parity every time data is written to the array, and it is distributed in stripes across all the drives. Also available as part of the ARC utility see above. Useful only if a native OS’s file system resides on the array.

Sounding the Alarm The alarm sounds under the following circumstances: You do not have to restart the computer upon completion of this command. I have 3 new ML G3 delivered yesterday to go to customer next week Hotspares Adaptec RAID controllers support hotspares, drives that are reserved to replace a failing drive in a redundant array.

The default is 64 KB.

Your system must have Java Runtime Environment 1.

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