Message 7 of This will allow the system to recover after a power outage. If the alarm is set then you should see something like this. If the wakeup time is on the next year, the rtc timer doesn’t seem to respond well. Best Regards Shiva Kumar. Have this uncommon hardware device any other Lenovos model? KIB – February

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If things are still not working for you Failure to follow this procedure could interrupt a recording, or prevent the system from wakealar on for a later recording.

One of particular interest is a long thread in the German forums. For more information, see upstream or Ubuntu bug. This page describes the options you have in Linux to shut down and automatically wake up your machine before a recording. Shutdown from acip operating system Linux or Windows does not return them to this soft-off state although leds on the NIC and mobo would have you believe otherwise.

Note that if you dual boot with Windows, then you should set it to “local”. Lenovo G Windows Doing so allows you to save energy, money and reduce your carbon footprint.


ACPI Wakeup

Hope it helps others even further. Moosylog – June Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Fuchur – August Wakealrm users may wish to use –arc or –srm here. LEM in administrator mode but the result is oposite.

Test 2, RTC wakealarm was triggered successfully. No need tweaking BIOS nor hwclock. After installing either of them I get an unknown device hardware id: You may not see the change in the bios, but it should still work.

Download ACPI Wake Alarm 64bit

We pass the local time that we want to wake up as –date ” Best Regards Shiva Kumar. Trigger wakealarm for 3 seconds in the future. Blacklist the rtc module or don’t compile it in the option in under “character drivers” is the one to be excluded. Might be worth further investigation.

Anyway I did it according to your directions. Per Olofsson – December Hi, I have the same problem as “robmcgoye”, but when I try to wakealrm LEM from link which you add to this forum, installation don’t continue stop unexpectedly until I uninstall prewiosly installed LEM originally designated for G http: It would be a good idea to make it long enough to log in before the system can shut itself off.


In fact we can add an init.

Solved: G windows 7 ACPI – Lenovo Community

You should check to make sure the user as whom mythbackend runs is able to run sudo without prompting for a password. Some systems will disable the wakealarm after a power outage, but even if it doesn’t, if the power is off at the programmed wake time, the wakealarm wakealrm be missed.

This should return a list of parameters. If a post solves your issue, please mark it so.

Trigger wakealarm for 4 seconds in the future. Note that kernel version 2. MacPro 1,1 works just as any other computer. The aci ‘Server halt command’ mythshutdown –shutdown will be called.

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