So , ive got myself interested in the ZVS driver again , and dig out my old build. I started with 35 Vpp and by the time it as rectified and had a large cap in parallel, it was down to 3 VDC. This circuit, makes the primary of your transformer into an LC parallel resonant circuit, which means, a buckload of current flows in. For the RC1 I used a 2. Most flybacks are high voltage, but low current. And my flyback contains a capacitor its a one problem or no. I tryend adding the resonant capacitor.

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Furthermore, my pack of diodes had arrived yesterday from Hong Kong since bought it last week from ebay. August 13, at Sign up using Facebook. This blurry picture is all I have to suggests that the arcs are green. After you confirm that, compare how much does the voltage drop on your battery cells when you connect it back again. Thus, I did replace the IC and now everything is ok.

This simple driver circuit is quite efficient if tuned correctly, and in some cases quite powerful. When properly tuned, this topology draws between 3 to 8 amps on load, in a supply voltage range of 18 up to 2 volts, excluding the first example of my driver, which drew 3 amps and had been constructed for low power emphasis in mind.


I know the dangers as well. One more thing, is the large MMC vital?

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

Website layout by Elinorand Eirik Taylor, April 9, at Then, the gate gets 50V, and well, bad fate for it. What may cause the problem? The FETs were also fine with another flyback, which died due to arcing. Hi, It doesent work for me also commented on your youtube video It doesent get hot and i get a nice square wave….

July 3, at I modified the work coilit worked extremely well, and then my microwave cap exploded XD. If you’re over 40 you will need to confirm this with your kids. October 21, at There are several burns on the paper which i havent show u any.

The current seams to be small.

This is a basic NE multivibrator circuit. It is no good in this circuit with its low voltage and current specification. There are a few ignition coil circuits I can utilize, but also noticed some of the manufactures are using what looks to be some type of modified low output ZVS circuit because they are relatively silent.

I am using a org ….

High-pitched whine, strong hiss and vast amounts of ozone are produced, high voltage wires are moving on their own, nasty static charges build up on everything conductive, strong ionic wind and corona discharge are felt even 0.


After a few seconds, the diode cools down, and it goes into a short circuit stage.

current – is a timer flyback driver lethal? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

November 5, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The fast diode is there to account for the Miller capacitance. There should be little difference in me ordering from China to Denmark compared to China to India.

I have tried to make a small one for practice but the loading is confusing me. This driver will push as much power as it can, so be sure to use flyback transformers that can handle the abuse if you want it to live.

Xvs Amp is lethal? I went through my stash of capacitors and found a volt, 1 micro-farad capacitor. A car ignition coil us made with a iron core and might just saturate at the high frequency this circuit runs at with the usual component values.

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