Many of the most common difficulties users experience have been addressed in the FAQ and Troubleshooting Web pages for your specific product. If you choose to accept the call, your data connection will be terminated. Refer to the instructions in this guide for further information. Dated proof of purchase from USRobotics or its authorized reseller may be required. Environmental Parameters Max Altitude Operating. Customer assumes responsibility for the selection of the appropriate applications program and associated reference materials. It defines the signals and voltages used when data is exchanged between a computer and a modem or serial printer.

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Windows users must be in administrator mode to properly add any new hardware. Skips to the next voice message. When your modem is properly connected to an electrical outlet, a wall outlet, or a surge protector and is turned on, the CS light on the front panel will be illuminated. Therefore, it is necessary to configure the Message modem using the supplied communication software to make full use of these features.

Be sure you know what type of line you have.

Look for another modem listed and if another modem is listed, click the Diagnostics tab to find out which COM port it is using. If your modem is still not working, refer to the additional troubleshooting in this Guide. If a previous modem is already using the available COM messave, you can either use another COM port or uninstall the modem that was installed previously. When your modem is detected, click Change. All operating systems should then double-click Dial-Up Networkingright-click the connection you are trying to use, and select Properties.


Records the personal message. Also, you will need to set a password for use with the remote feature of the modem. The modem immediately hangs up when DTR drops.

ITU-T An international organisation that defines standards for telegraphic and telephone equipment.

Select Install from a Specific Location Advanced. This does not require the AT prefix or a Carriage Return. Deletes all old voice messge in memory. Responsibility for loss or damage does not transfer to USRobotics until the returned item is received by U.

Repeats the new message count.

Read This First!

If you are using Dial-Up Networking, it may not be installed or configured correctly. Interface Required Connector Type. As line conditions improve, the modem switches up to the next higher speed. This protocol can use either checksums or CRC for error checking. Limited warranty – parts and labor – lifetime – carry-in. Products returned to USRobotics Corporate Service Centre must be pre-authorized by USRobotics with a Return Material Authorization RMA number or User Service Order USO number marked on the outside of the package, and sent prepaid and packaged appropriately for safe shipment, and it is recommended that they be insured or sent by a method that provides for tracking of the package.


Miscellaneous Rack Mounting Kit. To determine if your modem is functioning properly, try reinstalling your modem. Some protocols, such as error-control protocols, employ advanced techniques such as longer transmission frames and data compression to increase cps. These factory default settings should be sufficient for most users. The entire mkdem covers many more functions than are used in most data communications applications. Does not require the AT prefix or a Carriage Return.

On some modems, it includes four midem phone numbers and the modem settings.

3com U.s. Robotics 56k Professional Message Modem | eBay

If you ever need to call our Technical Support department, you will need this number to receive assistance. RAM Random Access Memory is memory that is available for use when the modem is turned on, but that clears of all information when the power is turned off.

These protocols are in the public domain and are available from many bulletin board services. You must exit out of the PhoneTools application to be able to access messages remotely.

Technical questions about USRobotics modems can also be answered by technical support specialists.

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